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As-built Schedule
I have been a scheduler for some years but i just got a new company.My new company task me to work on As-built Schedule involving Civil Construction with random activities. Please can someone help.Thanks
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The As-Builts as actually drawings that reflect the actual built on site and highlights the deviations from the originally Issued for Construction Drawings.

At the end of each project, we do request as-built drawings from the following:

1- Civil
2- Structural
3- Mechanical
4- Electrical
5- Sprinkling
6- Landscape
7- Architectural

Those are very important for future O&M.

You need to discuss with each subcontractor and check their timeline for submission of their as-builts. Your architect should approve and check all those.

Hope this helps.
The explanation from Rami is clear.

Your schedule should reflect time drawing will be adjusted to the as-build and approve. Likely by level.

It may include time to make site visit to validate that the drawing are reflecting "as-build".
I once add a project that was mainly transferring all the red marking from drawing to the electronic version. In a few case they we saw supplemental change not on the red marking that needed to be added to the "as-Build"

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