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2016 December Book Club - The Social Project Manager by Peter Taylor

Welcome to the December Book Club! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the webinar, comments on the book, and questions for the author (and everyone else, too).

Stay tuned for more to come!!
Tolitha Lewis (PMI Book Club Host and Moderator)
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I've read this recently - hope I can join the discussion.

Hi Elizabeth - Yes, please do join our discussion! Did you have any specific questions to pose to the author? Thanks! Tolitha

Is this just a discussion or is there more available like a review, comments from the author etc? I'd like to let others know about this feature here. Thanks.

Naomi - this is set up as a discussion on our site but also provides the opportunity for everyone to ask the author questions in this forum and he will respond. Additionally, make sure that you've signed up for the closing webinar for this book club as that is strictly Q&A with Peter.

Hi All - It's almost time for our closing live Q&A session with Peter Taylor. What questions would you like him to answer? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Tolitha

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