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Does anyone have a good template for me to begin documenting the requirements on this procurement project for my first project ever?
I just finished the PMP prep class and am working on my first project. The company I work for is implementing SalesForce system to replace 2 current data systems, integrate with QB, integrate with 2 vendor portals, and create a customer portal. Please help, my company does not have documented processes, is not familiar with PM language and I need a good template to use and any further help! If I can get one project under my belt it will help set a foundation for me to grow on! Any recommendations and direction will help me astronomically. My company keeps having tons of failed projects, the sponsor is rushing me to skip all I have been taught to hurry up and get the ball going- RISK RISK RISK

please help
Thank you
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Hi Tabitha,

Have you checked the deliverable section at this portal, it may have templates you can use -

Alternatively, you can visit -

Good Luck!!
Do you know what template(s) you need? Either way, I'd search through the links Anupam posted to see the various options.

It would be a good opportunity to create a Project Templates folder on your hard drive to start saving your template bank, especially if you current employer does not provide them.

And FWIW, planning is getting the ball rolling. It may help to expose out your project somehow, e.g. SharePoint, with as much transparency as possible. This will help show the value of planning as you move forward with the project.

Good Luck. We're here to help.
You don't need much of a template for requirements since the most important part is capturing the requirements' text. Sure you can add additional attributes such as status, dates, ...

Any list in Word or Excel will do.
Thank you Anupam for the resource! I am going to check it out! :)

Thanks Andrew for the great idea for the template folder. My employer does not have templates or anything. I may try to expose more of the planning by putting together a small power point presentation.

Stephane - Thanks for redirecting my thoughts! Between templates, PMP processes, and all the PMBOK info, my mind is twirling with a TON of stuff, I just need to work on actualizing all that is floating in my head.

I very new to all of this and thank you so much for helping!

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