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Project Budget in internal ERP Implementation Projects

Hello All,
I recently transferred to a new job. i was asked to prepare a project plan to implement MRP module in one of entities. This project scheduled to be delivered whiten 5 months using the current available BA and consultants hired in the company. When i asked about the scheduled budget and tried to talk about project performance and how it will be evaluated, it was like taking about "Mission Impossible". Payroll information is confidential data and not authorized for any internal employee to access.
For this company, the only measure for the success of the project is the go-live date regardless of any other constraints.
as a project manager, how to evaluate performance of this kind pf projects if you don't have costs?

How i will use EV analysis?


If you choose to use EV (I understand that you are talking about earned value) you can use it without cost by using schedule only. You can find this inside the EV standard document and any other sites into the internet which contains good examples. I am using it sometimes. But to evaluate performance you do not need EV. What you need is to clearly define project objetives or goals and from that you can define the meassures and metrics. When you do that you have to take into account your project stakeholder analysis to define what you need to communicate.

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