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Paid PDU's for keep certification - Worth it?

I've realized that at the moment my certification is in a good shape, I'm not in a hurry to get the 60 PDU's need until my renew.

All the PDU's that I get, was volunteering and webinars. But I've observed that there are a lot of companies that offered the 60 PDU's needed for keeping the PMP certification for X dollars.

Where X is a huge different bracket of prices.

Have you ever paid for keeping your certification? Do you recommend to do it in order to learn a completely new skill as Six Sigma?

I've read that with free PDUs you may not be able to learn any new skill deeply. Is that true? or only advertising that we have to analyze carefully.

Thank you!
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Feb 24, 2017 3:28 PM
Replying to Naomi Caietti
Yes, understood well also. Report your concerns to PMI.

Your approach in many of your posts is judgmental, attacking in nature, always needing to be right, twisting arms to agree with you or calling others out for agreement or confrontation. Really, I'm not buying into it; any of it!

I prefer open communication so happy to support conversions with mutual respect; happy Friday.

Thanks for your kind words - I am not sure who is being judgmental and aggressive but I won't go down this road in public because I have respect for you and others.

Different cultures have different tones, different reactions in addition to that English might not be their native language so the way sentences are put might be different than the way you say things so if I were you, and I get annoyed from something or from someone whom I do not know in person at all, I would give that person the benefit of the doubt and address him / her in private rather than confronting and disrespecting them in public so when you talk about Mutual Respect, please walk your talk.

I am not here to judge, attack, twist, confront - Those are all very unprofessional and unacceptable words. Whether you buy it or you don't, I personally am here to contribute, discuss, assist, help and Learn.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as it remains within the professional working ethics and disagreeing with me or any other colleague does not give you the right to confront me or anyone else in this very disrespectful way, using unprofessional words.

Good Luck to you Naomi & Happy Friday !

Feb 23, 2017 10:24 PM
Replying to Eric Simms
I've never paid for PDUs. I figure with a bit of planning I have plenty of time to 60 PDUs in a three-year period.
Be wary of any company’s claims that you need their product to learn. They'll say anything to make a profit. I find I learn better on my own using books rather than expensive classes. Right now I’m earning 20 PDUs to apply against my next cycle, and I’m learning far more from 30 minute podcasts than 60 minute webinars.
Do you have a specific place that you find these podcasts? I actually have all of my PDU's for my 2 certifications, but am looking for additional learning opportunities to prepare for the PMI-RMP exam along with other topics I want to learn about.
I love the free webinars offered here and I just started using Lynda. However, I am always looking for more variety.

I wanted to make a comment on Lynda. I can use Lynda for free through my County Library. All I need is a library card and I have access. You may want to check with your local library to see if they offer anything similar.

There are multiple ways and options available to earn PDUs and maintain your credential, and that too free of cost. You can go for a paid one depending on for what you are paying for. It would be a win-win scenario where you earn other credentials/certifications while earning PDUs for your PMP.

Feb 23, 2017 11:07 PM
Replying to Vincent Guerard
What is Safari?
Linda is the LinkedIn webinar style courses!
Harvard Library is it different then the HBR?
Thank you
Thanks for the clarification
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