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How to plan , monitor and control site execution activities...???
If you schedule a time bound project and you want to execute it how can you Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control site Execution activities/ Tasks....???
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I am not too sure how to answer your question because basically the answer is the whole PMBOK. You are asking for an answer than involves all knowledge areas. If you can be more specific, that would help in narrowing down the answers.
For sure we need more information but always take in mind in order to do it effectively and successfully remember that no one process group or knowledge area is more important than the other and each plays a crucial role in getting your project done.
Agree with Rami. The description/reply, will involve every Stage of Project Management and all the related processes. I presume, your query could be more concise and focussed. Since you have mentioned "site execution", your focal problem area is Execution - Monitor and Control in specific.

For monitoring site activites, you may ask the site manager for Daily Progress Report (DPR). You may have to develop this in some tool (could be excel or MSP or some other tool) and get agreement from site manager. You will have to decide the method for progress measurement. It could be based on weightage given to different activites. Once deployed, the site team can update the progress on defined frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).

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