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Project management trends of 2017

I am trying to define the PM trends for 2017. I have done some research and found different / complementary opinions:
1.1. Agile project management will gain acceptance outside of software development.
1.2. There will be a pivot that emphasizes nontraditional collaboration tools over traditional project management software.
1.3. “New Product DevelopmentPPM” won’t just be jargon anymore.
1.4. Emotional intelligence will be the most-desired skill for new project managers.
1.5. Project management certification requirements will begin to dwindle in job postings.
2.1. A Focus on Professionalism
2.2. Big Data
2.3. Blended Methodology - waterfall - Agile
2.4. Integrating the Learning Legacies
2.5. Collaboration
3.1 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes a project foundation
3.2. Big data and analytics join the project team
3.3. Flexible knowledge management
3.4. Project management platform by API
3.5. Mobile project management tools and strategies
4.1: 3D Printing and Virtual Reality
4.2.: Crowdsourcing
4.3: Corporate Social Responsibility
4.4: Big Data
4.5: DevOps
5.1. Automation becomes an essential part of project management
5.2. Remote and virtual worker adoption becomes mainstream
5.3. The irregular schedule becomes widespread
5.4. People + machine collaboration
5.5. People analytics gains momentum
5.6. The rise of performance consulting and development
5.7. Personalization grows to accommodate teams and clients
5.8. Mobility becomes dominant
5.9. Networks of teams moves to replace individual teams
5.10. The death of privacy

What are your suggestions on the trends for 2017. Which of the above do you agree / disagree with? Thank you.
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Great exercise Mauro, thanks for sharing.

I do not disagree with any, but I do definitely agree with Agile Project Management.

Internet of Things (IOT) is for sure to watch in 2017

Each list gives plenty to ponder. Perhaps the biggest area I'm watching is the continued move towards:
* Automation
* Virtual teams

Both demand that we have an insatiable hunger to learn and stay relevant....

Agility will increase surely. I also do anticipate a more extensive Portfolio Management approach in many companies.

IoT and Big Data is definitely on my radar.

As IT geek, IoT and Big Data are on RRS feed.

3.3. Flexible knowledge management would be my big ticket item. Information for Projects is now increasingly stored in the cloud and organizations, as the article clearly explains, have stopped procuring software for internal Knowledge Management.

1.4. Emotional intelligence will be the most-desired skill for new project managers.
Not only does the above hold true for new Project Managers, It is exceptionally important for seasoned Senior Project Managers/Project Directors or anyone who is in a Project Leadership role. People are the heart and soul of any project and therefore , this exceptional soft skill can never get outdated . In-fact I would love to see Organizations with PMOs and Project Managers running special courses for their employees on Emotional Intelligence. In the end, If you can't reach out to people, you cannot be successful as a Project Manager

IoT, Data analytics, Agile are skill areas that I agree Project Managers will be working on. Emotional Intelligence is a very important trait to have for PMs.

Nice compilation of all the latest happenings and trends for 2017. Thanks all for sharing your insights.

This is a great post, thanks for sharing it.

I agree with Agile Project management, emotional intelligence (not just for new project managers but for all project managers since the project team is critical to project success), automation becoming essential and virtual teams becoming mainstream.
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