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Practice Areas: Innovation, Knowledge Management, Leadership
What is the role of Knowledge Management and Innovation Management in the PMO?

I am seeking to establish the awareness and maturity of Knowledge and Innovation, the drivers and enablers together with the factors and constraints.
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I will wait for PM Guru & Leaders to reply on this. This is a topic of much debate.

You may go through these articles -

Good Luck!!

Support for formal KM should be top down as there will be the need for an eventual spread of knowledge workers across the organization, not just within the PMO. Ideally, there is a separate KM group which will drive processes and practices. A Community of Practice will begin to create a collective of 'advocates' across the organization's departments.

That said, you could certainly spearhead a KM initiative. It has to start somewhere. With a solid plan and strategy, the PMO can help drive the importance of KM practices, exposing the value to the organization through results.

Another link for you

Thanks for the links Anupam and Andrew.

Good morning Andrew and Anupam.

Thank you for your replies

I am familiar with the content of the links.

Andrew: I welcome your personal view and would appreciate anything that you wish to add.

Anupam: there is no right or wrong answer anything that you personally could add to the dialogue would be appreciated.



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