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What are the three biggest problems with project management today?
Good morning community. I am doing some research, and I wanted to get anyone's opinion on what the biggest issues they contend with in the project management space in their given industry are. Is it with your clients, teams, technology, change, or something else? Please send me your thoughts and input.
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From my point of view, the two biggest problem is the lack of support for project management offices from the CxOs and the lack of documented benefits tied to a project.
Thanks for your reply! When you say "lack of documented benefits" are you talking about HR benefits or the how the project will benefit the client? Either way, why do you think that is?

Also, what would make the C-suite support a PMO? If the project makes them money, shouldn't they be happy?

I client or organizational benefits. The whole dimension of benefit realization can be a difficult one for projects. This is because projects are often not tied back to a strategic or tactical benefit. (If it is, it may not have been clearly demonstrated to the project manager.) As well, the project results are often not measured back against specific realization metrics.

The lack of support by the senior executive is often due to the fact that PMOs are considered overhead, rather than a strategic need.

Dear Anonymous - Something I faced as a big issue in the past is having Leadership come to me with a project already in play. At times it was a project the company believed had already been through the initiation process and I was handed a project they wanted moved directly to execution. Sometimes it was a "project" in trouble. I have had to slow everything down by building the proper documents (Charter, Stakeholder documents, etc.) and educating my hospital as to why the Initiation and Planning is so important to project success. This has gotten better over the years, but has been a learning process for the hospital I represent.
Network:291 add a couple of thoughts:
- insufficient pre-planning prior getting in execution mode
- insufficient communication and collaboration platform in offshore environments
- intercultural aspects
- missing integration with Organizational Change Management

1. Reorganization
2. Change in leadership
3. Stakeholder commitment

The problems today are the same than in the past. Some of them have grow due to the massive use of technology.

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