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LIFE lessons leaerned as a PM at NASA - Part 3

These are sort of "project lessons learned" but it's how the project changed my life, or ho w I see things. I'm a different person than I would have been if I didn't "grow up at NASA" I bet all of us are changed by our jobs. All of us have LIFE lessons learned from being a PM. This starts my list. I hope you enjoy it.


"Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional."
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Thank you David

Thank you David

Thank you for sharing, David.

Than you guys! It sounds like such a silly story. A few weeks spent finding a bent pin. But the problem was important and we didn't give up on it. You just never know.... the smallest thing can cause a lot of trouble for your project, but you can't give up because it's hard to find. That lesson stuck with me.

Some more good reading. Thank you David

Thank you David,

Great lessons learned and valuable insights for continuous improvement !

Than you Roch!

I'm typing on another "Life Lesson" This one is tricky. It deals with group of experts, all with great experience and education trying to work together as a team. I'm stuck and taking a break....

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