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Are your meetings effective?
I am building a presentation to share at my local PMI chapter in a few months. The presentations is on Effective Meetings. The topics I've addressed so far in the presentation include: Sending out an agenda in advance, appropriate amount and style of communication, take some subjects offline, take/distribute timely and clear minutes with action items, your PM leadership style/encoding/decoding, your influence and how to build your reputation, are the right people at your meetings? Stop/let/make/help - how are the people sitting in the chairs contributing? Protecting time, combining meetings when possible, let team out of the meeting early to return to work when appropriate, meeting type alternatives (phone, Skype, in person, etc), inspiring your team and team building ideas. The advantages of taking minutes during the meeting for efficiency, how to deal with negativity, ensuring our projects create efficiencies vs. adding complexity. Have I forgotten anything? Is there anything you would like me to consider on this topic?
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Jan 20, 2017 6:20 PM
Replying to LORI WILSON
Anupam, I have been checking out these links - they are very helpful! Thanks again for sharing!
Sure, Lori. Please let us know how it (presentation) went.
There's been some great topics here. Another one that would definitely attend if this became a webinar. Keep us posted Lori!
Hi Lory, I think the main topics are contemplated, would consider only one more, the company culture, depending on the company, may have some particularities, such as, Who decides who goes to the metting (the manager of each department or you?), Each person I have to put in the same mettings, and lastly, control the time of their presentation, you can not put everything on this topic in a single presentation
Hi Lori, Nice topic you brought it forward to the community.

I feel most of time, we dont consider the cost factor, which is nicely exposed here in this post. Sergio great point.

Maria, request for link sharing.

I ran several recursive meeting, these points are very helpful.

Can anyone Please through your ideas on Meeting Minutes, How best it can be captured rather than one single person contributes for it ?

Looking forward your replies.

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