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Topics: Scheduling, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Tracking Progress against Plan
Looking for best practice as well as experience with tracking progress against project plan. I have used both percent complete as well as actual time posting to the tasks. I prefer percent complete but get a lot of comments about the subjectivity of it. But on the flip side, posting actual time to a task by resource for large projects -- the benefits just don't outweigh the time and coordination to do this. Any comments?
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I like to use a network project diagram. You have the late start, early start, late finish and early finish. You always know exactly where you are impacting the timeline.
Dear Anonymous, good post! We typically track smaller projects, less than three months, using percent complete and larger projects, more than six months, using EVM at the WBS task level. For our gray area, 3 to 6 months, it varies based upon project type criteria. Like you, I too would be interested in hearing what others are doing! Cheers. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International

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