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Career move?
Advice needed from peers (posted anonymously for obvious reasons).

A PM is currently working at company A - for one year and counting. Company B wishes to hire him/her. Company A uses the PM 50% for his/her PM skills, and 50% as SME. Company B is engaging in an effort of creating a new PMO, thereby the need of hiring several pure PM - not SME.

Regardless of the job conditions, would you consider a career path given these circumstances?
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I believe your career path in company A would be better as comoany B is not offering something very different.

I like the challenge of participating in the creation of new PMO. I'll choose B.

It depends on what you want! I you are seeking challenges, you should choose B... But there are risks involved...

I agree with Rodrigo. It all depends on what you want.

'A' appears to be blended role, stable, less risk involved. Opportunities need to be created.
'B' involves risk, seems challenging, and involve great opportunities for learning and growth.

If you are risk taker, 'B' is the right option.

Good Luck!!

Tough call. I would also take into consideration the possibilities to further develop your career in both cases. If company A does not offer real possibilities for career advancement, then perhaps makes sense to move to B. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

My advice is to look more into what your want to do, than into what is "good for the career".

Do you like the role and work tasks as an SME?

Are you thrilled by the possibility to influence a PMO, by being a part of it when it is being set up?

Think about how those roles would be a year or two from now. In which role would you be happier in the morning when preparing to go to work?

How mature and stable Company B is?
What kind of risks would emerge from forming a new PMO?
Would you be happy Just working as a PM ? not having variety in your work can be a major cause of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.
If I were in your place I'd take more time in uncovering my inner motives, goals, and aspirations. Then once I am crystal clear on what I want I'd compare that to what both companies are offering.
Keep in mind the long-term effect as well. While forming a new PMO is challenging and quite interesting; but how would you feel after the dust is settled and the PMO is up and running ?
good luck
Thank you for the various advice and tips, they are helpful on looking at the issue with different approaches. Just to clarify an aspect that was mentioned in some of the answers, risks for B seem low, given the size of the company and revenue numbers (about 20 times larger and more revenue than A). Upon PMO completion, the organization expects the senior PL to lead various internal projects (organizational, industrial) and mentoring junior PL.
Aha, we did not have all the relevant facts. It appears you want to move because company B provides a career boost and apparent stability since it is quite larger than your present employer.

I'd jump at company B's offer in a heartbeat, as the experience of establishing a PMO would broaden your career possibilities tremendously. You'll gain the experence sought by many companies seeking a PMO Director, which can elevate you to the executive ranks and greatly increase your income and marketability. In contrast, you'll just remain a typical PM if you stay at company A.
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