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Did you know about the PM2 guide released by the center of Excellence in Project Management Methodology (CoEPM2) of the European Commission?
Apparently it has just been released... You might find more information in the link below:

What do you think have been the motivation for the EU to carry out this effort?
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Thanks for sharing Eduard.

I believe their motivation was the huge market demand and changes but I have another question: Do you think it is very different than the PMBOK Guide ?
Thanks Eduard
Thank you, Eduard for sharing, no idea about it before you've shared it.

About your question about motivation...maybe the executive commission have a lot of project and programs to manage and they decide to unify all in one template or standard procedure in order to avoid uses of different methodologies.
Hi everyone! PM2 was initially an internal method for the EC projects. It is custom made for our needs and it is very succesful and popular internally. With the success came big expectations... our team was too small for the big works (translation and evolution). On top of that we are supposed to make our work public, and we needed relays in the PM community to grow the method. The open source model was appealing so we went public that way. We're eager to share and see how it stands in the "real" world. Don't hesitate to contact me for further info.
1 reply by Xianqing Mao
Jul 27, 2018 11:26 AM
Xianqing Mao
Hi, I found the methodology very interesting and close to our reality! I am waiting for the open access for the certification!
The Project Management Methodology Guide is available in the following :
I know it and I read it. And let me say: if the European Comission will maintain this guide access for free then the PMI is in trouble.
Thank you for sharing
May I add the original link to get the guide:
and here you can find the link to the platform hosting the Open PM² community - we encourage you to participate as much as possible!
Hello everyone,
Laurent, can you please inform us about the plans on rolling out the PM2 Certification to non-EC employees (i.e. contractors, beneficiaries etc)?
1 reply by Jose Luis Ferreira
Nov 08, 2019 10:05 AM
Jose Luis Ferreira
if you are interested in PM² and do not work under EU, the best way to have all you need is to look at end join our efforts to promote the wider adoption of the PM² Methodology
PM² Alliance is a not for profit organization and we welcome everyone.
Hello Ektor. PM2 is now open source, private companies are free to build certification tracks on it but so far I am not aware of any. Non-EC employees can find PM2 trainings from private training companies (like mine, that will deliver PM2 training certificates. Building a full certification mechanism is no small endeavour so I imagine that private operators won't do it until the market is more mature.
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