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Did you know about the PM2 guide released by the center of Excellence in Project Management Methodology (CoEPM2) of the European Commission?

Apparently it has just been released... You might find more information in the link below:

What do you think have been the motivation for the EU to carry out this effort?
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Hi Eduard:
thanks for sharing. I think that is good information for us. It can help us know about project from different view. I think EU commission will have many ideas.

Thanks for sharing Eduard. Haven't read it yet, but I am sure it must be a great resource to expand the knowledge horizon

Appreciate it a lot. What is about in brief? Please throw some light on it.....

I've downloaded the free English copy. I look forward to see what it offers. I'm surprised that an EC document is not available in other languages.
1 reply by José Ferreira
Sep 27, 2018 6:10 AM
José Ferreira
Hi, I have just coordinated the translation to Portuguese, and hope it will come available soon. There are other languages available, but it's an ongoing effort, as it is an open methodology...

Thank you for that!
I was thinking that since the EC has already created the certification methodology and prometric is already rolling out exams for EC employees, they could really open it up easily. There are so many EU funded projects (contracting or beneficiaries) that could be benefited from that really quick (benefit of common set of documents for reporting/monitoring etc.).
Private companies will offer courses and training certificates, but still will not be "certified".

I think we will have to wait a little bit longer for something like that!

Bonjour Stéphane :)
The translation of the methodology in all 24 languages of the EU is in progress and we hope to have it for spring 2018.

Merci Laurent pour l'information.

One more excellent publication by the EU.

Thank you Laurent for the info
Dear Laurent,
I'm new to this field, and just discovered (and downloaded) the PM2 EC Open Guide. Can you please what type of software tools can we use with this approach? Preferable free ones? Many thanks. IS
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