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Question about ServiceNow as a Project Management tool.

Does anybody have experience on using ServiceNow as the project management tool to support their PMO (or projects in general). I am in an IT group that is fairly strong on ITIL Processes and uses ServiceNow quite heavily, I also believe we should try and keep our data in one place and am exploring building our processes around the ServiceNow tool. I'm interested in lessons learned, pros or cons of the tool, how your group might use it, etc. Please respond to this post or email me:
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hi David

As far as I know, some good companies(mid-large) are using service now as a PM tool. I don't have first-hand experience using as a PM tool, except for tickets, but I heard good reviews on using service now for PM'ing.

Our client has just implemented ServiceNow, but this is restricted only to manage incidents and tickets. But I would like to see comments from PM community if this tool can be extended for PMO activities as well.

Try Keyedin.

The ServiceNow PPM can be a good tool if you have a Portfolio approach to manage the IT Projects. This integrates well with Demand Management and allows the project to be managed in both traditional projects as well as Agile / Scrum (depending on the nature of the work one could prefer either one).
I can help with details if required or give a demo if that helps make a decision.


Thanks for the feedback.

Hi David: Our large national corporation used Service Now for their PM tool, but moved to a customized version of Microsoft Project that includes Resource Management and Financial Management. It was hard to move to many project managers and resources over to this product, but it has so much fantastic functionality!

Hi David,
I don't know about ServiceNow, But if you're still looking for project management tool, you can try ProofHub. It offers you one place for all your projects, teams and communications. With this tool, you can:
Bring down the project delivery time.
Get better control over projects & team communications.
Make teams more accountable.
Achieve better work satisfaction.

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