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How do i handle a vendor (having group of developers)

who is developing my product. How Time management, quality management
can be done effectively. Thanks
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Was there an SOW?

Contractually, are you supposed to be dealing with all those developers or it is the vendor responsibility to deal with his people and deliver the required product ?

It is better that the vendor has a project manager in charge. Otherwise, you should request for that. Then it becomes a simpler case of managing the vendor PM.

Agree with Dominic, they should supply a POC for you to interface with - but beware, ensure they are actually connecting regularly with the development team to convey correct and accurate information. If not, you can -and should- regularly connect with your vendor program manager to ensure your needs are met.

Maybe I need a little more information to participate in this discussion because, from my point of view, you should have a POC, in order to avoid to lead with all developers, maybe they have a team leader that can be your POC.

Also, I will recommend you to check the contract and the communications plan with the vendor.

1.Apart from interfacing with POC, It is good to meet entire development team over a call / F2F weekly once along with Vendor's POC to establish level of trust with folks working for you and to understand any challenges / perspectives on project implementation, which hasn't been put forwarded by POC due to varied reason such as Not considered important by POC & hence filtered out.
2. This will also mitigate the risk if POC would be leaving job / moving out to another project while development work is in-progress.

Agree with Everyone stressing on the Point of Contact. From my experience, There is a Project Manager assigned from the Vendor side who provides you with update on project progress. If the development resources are onshore and capable of being co-located with your team, it's a Nirvana situation.

However, that is often not the case due to the developers having to work on multiple projects at once , so it's better for them to be located offsite and so the POC is the one that is representing them either onsite or offsite

It is incumbent on the vendor Project Manager to do a knowledge/project transfer if they are leaving.

Let the vendor handle it's own resources and report on Quality, Time and Progress through the POC is my suggestion

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