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Project Manager's JD-

According to you, what are the mandatory/Core/Optional competencies needed to complete JD of Project Manager? To be a successful Project Manager what are the essential competencies ( bare minimum) that the person should have according to you ?
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A Project Manager is the person who coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects, Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget. Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility Ensure resource availability and allocation.
Develop a detailed project plan to track progress, Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs. Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques. Report and escalate to management as needed. Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders. Perform risk management to minimize project risks. Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.

Good thought,Edina ! Project (management) is the train that can reach the destination provided it is hauled by a powerful and resourceful engine(Project Manager). If the rail track is sound and well laid (risks well integrated,provided for and managed) it has a fair chance of reaching the destination.Why a fair chance because unforeseen circumstances (like force majeure,termination by client etc.) may ,probably, derail the train.

Thank you all for valuable inputs.There have been many good ideas and thoughts shared on the topic under discussion.I am unaware of Project Manager's role in IT or other industries but shouldn't be much different from that of a Construction Project Manager.According to my perception, the mandatory/Core/Optional competencies needed to complete JD of Project Manager may include-
Mandatory competencies:1)Project Planning & Scheduling of activities 2) Client Care 3) Communication and Negotiation 4) Professional Code of Conduct and ethics 5) Conflict Avoidance and mitigation 6) Data management
Core Competencies: 1) Leadership 2) Managing people 3) Team working 4) Managing Resources 5) Contract Administration 6) Quantification and Costing of works 7) Risk Management 8) To develop and implement safety ,health and environment plan

Optional Competencies: 1) Knowledge and understanding of preparation of Development/Project brief 2) Knowledge and understanding of Project Audit and close out report.
Hope this helps

Very well said,Hannah !

For a base PM, not Senior or Enterprise:

PMP certification attainable within 2 years.? 1-4 years of PM experience.? 0-3 years of IT software experience.? Knowledge of SDLC.? Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).? Strong interpersonal skills.? Experience in a matrixed resource environment.? Experience in an external client facing role.? Knowledge of Health Insurance industry preferred.? Bachelor's preferred.? Experience with project management methodologies such as Agile, CMMI, and Six Sigma preferred.? Experience with PM/PPM tools preferred.
? Experience or knowledge with mainframe environments preferred.

A project manager's job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project. Project managers may work closely with upper management to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support.

Chandrashekhar -

Have you downloaded and read PMI's PM Competency Development Framework (


I was going to suggest the framework until I saw Kiron beat me to the punch.

While I Agree and enjoy reading these responses under the "Construction" heading, we seem to be missing 2 key primary concentrations of any Construction Team Project Manager.
In my opinion, In order of Importance they are: 1) Safety 2) Contract law. The Project Manager must be the primary supporter/driver/ sometime Author, of the Safety Plan Execution on the Project. To lose a worker to a work related accident is the Biggest Risk we face, and will have the biggest consequences for both Company and Personal careers!

Mark ! I agree with you entirely.To know and fully understand the Contract scope document and implement on the contract obligation would take care of most of the risks associated with the construction project and " Safety First" should be the top most on the list of priorities.

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