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Help: Participates Needed for a Doctoral Research Study


My name is Trenese McNealy, a doctoral student at Walden University. I am creating this discussion board message to invite you to take part in a research study of exploring the knowledge management practice strategies that project management business leaders use to improve knowledge sharing in project-based organizations. I am inviting project management business leaders (i.e. project managers, project directors, and project senior managers) who work for project-based organizations within the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Georgia (metro Atlanta) to participate in a Skype/phone interview. In addition, I am inviting project team members (i e. project team leaders, project coordinators, and project employees) who work for project management business leaders in metro Atlanta to participate in an in-person focus group interview. Please contact me for further details.

Trenese McNealy
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I would be Happy to assist virtually.


I would also be happy to participate virtually. Rich

I would also be available virtually.

I would be willing to participate virtually as well.

I would be happy to help virtually but I am in Australia

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