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Release Management vs Projects Management Frameworks

Within our PMO and together with the Software Development Teams, for the past four years we are organizing the Projects Portfolio by Releases for different applications. Has anyone else in the Industry undergone something like this, and how has you overcome the trouble between major size projects vs releases?.
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Marin - not sure I understand what the benefit of organizing around releases is, in a portfolio management context, unless you are grouping work by release and defining it as a single project.

There should be no conflict between "major size projects vs releases" for portfolio management; each should be evaluated and sequenced on their own merits. What kind of trouble are you experiencing?

Not sure I understand your question correctly. Every portfolio have dedicated release calendar for their project deployments. Some application may have dependency with core systems, they may follow different release dates or calendar. Release dates will not change based on the size or complexity of the projects. Release dates are predefined by Release manager/Portfolio Management.

I have used and I have helped organization to use different schema along the years (including in my actual work). Key is to understand that application is a layer in the whole enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture follows the organizational strategy. So, you have to take into account to maintain loss coupling and high cohesion along the enterprise architecture to not fail in implementing the strategy and mainly to not jeopardize enterprise agility (unfortunatelly is a today buzzword but it exists from 1989).

Hi Martin - I presume you are referring to switch from Waterfall to Agile method. We did that for our current client. Earlier we used to spend good amount of time in conducting workshops and documentation (requirements, solution, test scripts). But since we are already live in multiple countries for newer region deployments we are demonstrating the solution with hands-on to regional users. They will evaluate gaps and request changes. We plan these changes into sprints and deliver in releases.

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