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How do you track who from your employees (especially software developers) have related skills for your next project?
Example: you have a request for a d3.js framewok-related work, how do you know who from your 50 developers have experience with it? Have you ever faced this problem, maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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Two ideas come to mind. You could ask your Developers to submit their resumes to you, put them in a folder, then search the folder for certain skills. You could also build a skills database and have Developers select their skills from a prepopulated list. This has the advantage that Developers will be able to keep the database current without effort from you.

This could be tracked via spreadsheet, with the developers, skills, and applied ratings for each individual. The sheet can track areas of needed training, potential gaps in skillsets, etc. Could also be used to track other technologies coming into the market to help drive new trainings.
Eric, Andrew, thank you for your replies. I was just thinking of preparing a kind of software for this to not mess with spreadsheets and so on. Do you think it'd make sense?

You certainly could do that, building a DB application, with a simple front end. How about using SharePoint as an option? There are charting and visual options with all three - application, excel, SP.

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