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Should live conference be available on-line later?

Looking at other organisation such as AgileTour in my case AgileTour Montreal, they record conference and later make them available on-line free.
I wonder if PMI should look at recording those events such has the Annual Congress, SeminarsWorld and make them available here for premium members.
What do you think? Would it make sense?
I think it would be great to have access to those conferences even months after the evens.
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PMI do have recordings for free for members. For instance, I attended Virtual Leadership Meeting organized previous year. This was separate from what we have on this portal.


Thank you I didn't know about those.

First I would be interested in that Virtual Leadership Meeting, can I have access to it? How?
Is there more, I'm interested in knowing, where can I get the information?

Some Examples of what I talk about (I choose English conferences, many in French)

Agile Tour Montreal 2015- Captain David Marquet - Create Leaders at Every Level

Keynote: Modern Agile - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

AgileMontreal - Making the move to a product culture - David Hussman

AgileMontreal - The Power of Community: Super Charging Self-Directed Learning - Roberta Voulon

Vincent and Anupam, I am not sure if the Annual Conference and SeminarWorld events are recorded. I think these are different than the Virtual Conferences sponsored by PMI and shown / advertised here on

I'm like you I don't that they are recorded or not. I'm suggesting that they could be recorded and made available later in some form.
I see that more Agile organisation are doing it. It might not for in PMI strategy.

Would it be interesting that they do it?

Yes they should

It depends on the PMI strategy as you pointed Vincent.

If they want to reach more people that can't afford travel to Chicago, due time or budget constraints yes they should do it.

If they prefer to keep the exclusivity of this kind of events, they shouldn't do it.

From my point of view will be amazing being available to learn from all the speakers that I saw in the agenda in my own house at my pace.

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