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PMI book in PDF format
Looking for the latest Construction Extension to the PMBOK, I was surprise to see it is just available in paperback.

It use to be available in pdf! It seem there is no longer a pdf version, I prefer reading in paperback but for carrying pdf is perfect in a notebook or tablet.

I heard some publisher have started to give a core with the paperback that let you have the pdf version.

Government extension also is no longer in pdf!

Should PMI keep the pdf format ? Hoe do you prefer your books?
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Hi Vincent,

The latest Construction Extension is available for free for paid PMI Members - I just downloaded it. It doesn't mention 3rd edition but beside the title it mentions 2016. Here is the link:

Having both options is always good. I am personally old school so I like like readying paperback but sometimes when travelling, PDF version of the book comes in handy.
Hello Vincent,

The soft copy available at PMI Library is the latest version, you can download from there -

I think you can print the soft copy, it has only 232 pages ;)
Thank you Rami and Anupam

The extension don't show directly in the Foundational Standards page, extension just visible from the PMBOK page.

Happy it still available in PDF, sad you can't highlight
I hadn't updated these in a while. Thanks for the reminder of the pdf version.
PDF version

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