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Risk reports in the progress report from sub contractor?
In your opinion requiring a detail risk report to be include in progress report would have more positive side or negative.

What is your experience?
Why is it that way in your projects?
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I was told a some point that it would increase risk of claim from sub contractor if we request that they provide detail risk report!
Good question Vincent.

In most of the projects I have managed, I have included risk status reports in my project status/progress reports. Usually the level of detail that I include has been determined by two things: 1) Data that my stakeholders need or want; 2) The nature of the active risks that I am reporting on at a given phase in the project.

Overall, I definitely feel that reporting the appropriate level of detail in a risk summary or status report is crucial to keeping all team members focus engaged and absolutely has a positive impact.
Misunderstood your question, which makes this an even better question.

I have had sub-contractors provide a risk detail summary/report in the past. Have not ever had negative repercussions directly, but that is not to say that I did not unintentionally put a project at risk for a negative event.

My question now is how, specifically, does this requirement request increase the risk of claim from sub-contractor?
Thank you for both reply Mark.

I don't think it increases risk of claim in the contrary. But that was the unsubstantiated argument I got. I hope in some answers here we will get some kind of explanation.
I suspect someone thinks that if you let the people on your team raise risks, they can then use them to substantiate delays or poor performance.

I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong in letting team members, whether contractors or not, provide additional risk information. As project manager, you get to decide what the information tells you and what you should do with it.
I totally agree with Mark's & Stephane's feedback. Both answers combined works perfectly in my opinion.
Thank for your input I agree

Naming risk don't make them become reality

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