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Procurement a practice Areas?

Looking at practice areas I realize that procurement is not there.

Is procurement a practice area? Is it include in the legal project management?
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In the practice area there is a mix of activities (IT, Construction, pharmaceutical), knowledge areas (Communications, Quality, Risk) and techniques (Earned Value).

Would it make sense to have Procurement ?

Not much interest in procurement.

Such an important part on project, some people specialize in the matter.

Vincent, you are correct. There is no practice area for Procurement. This is very interesting because it is covered as one of the knowledge areas. Have you proposed this to the Community administrators? They are very good at answering questions and escalating items such as this.

Interesting Question Vincent - I think it should be covered under one of the existing categories (Maybe Outsourcing ?) - I do not see Stakeholders as well ?

I will contact community Administration, see with them.

Has suggested by Demetrius, I will contact Community Administration concerning Procurement and I will mention Stakeholders as well!

Great, keep us posted. Thanks Vincent !

Request was made.

Waiting feedback

Thank you Vincent, keep us posted regarding the outcome

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