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How can you determine the worth of a Project Manager?
There are so many project managers in the market. In short, there is so much competition. In such scenario, what are the key factors which determine the worth of a project manager?
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Just like in any other role, by explicitly explaining what has been achieved and not what has been done.


a. Managed a project in the O&G industry with major company in the field
b. Led a cross-functional international team in a multi-million dollar project, completed on time and below budget

Option b. sells much better the worth of a PM
Pretty much what Eduard eluded to ... results, achievements, and value. But, I would also say that goals and demeanor are just as much a factor.

What is your story ...
With all my due respect, there is a big mistake in your question or your approach (sorry if I missunderstood), Each person in this world perform project management activities from the time they wake up to the time the go to bed. So, forget about thinking or being aware about competition. If you are talking about to perform project management as a role inside an organization the only way to answer your question is taking into account the context where you will perform it. Worh like value are subjective matters, You have to put them into objective matter.
1 reply by Anupam
Mar 15, 2017 12:03 AM
I agree with Sergio
I think every PM has its own value, and each has its areas of strength and knowledge
When the industry is hiring a PM, they seek to meet their needs, and there are many circumstances that must be taken into account, such as scope, budget to hire, etc.
I Agree with Eduard Hernandez.

May be few more questions to be asked are on attributes/achievements interms of Process streamlining/Optimizing and institutionalizing the same, Challeneges encountered, Conflict Management etc.
In my opinion there is no way to determine this until you work/see the person how they are working, Values, Q & A ,Moral,Commitment, Success and failures are subject to individuals and situation, Even if you see them working we interpret/judge them based on our own value system ,in simple it depends on people
Project management skills are the basics. What you bring along those skills is your value additiona: industry knownledge, networking, technical skills, ...
Relevant experience, domain knowledge, technical skills, thirst of learning, achievements, go-getter attitude, great mentoring and motivating skills, people management skills are some of the important areas to look for.
Certainly a question every PM looking for job, promotion or transition should consider and understand what you are looking for in your next gig. Personally, I'd suggest that your value lies in your brand, influence and reputation; it precedes you and most recruiter know more about you than perhaps you know about the hiring company and manager who's job needs to be filled. Better to be in charge and know your value and what sets you apart from your competition; pick the job/manager/role with right fit and you will add value.
Eduard makes a very good point. Results are what companies seek.
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