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Project Management Tracking Tools

What is your favorite Project Tracking tool besides Microsoft Office for Agile Project Management when you have a team that is not dedicated full time to your particular project?
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Jira with an Agile or Kanban board.

I have also used JIRA with the Agile and/or Kanban board. Works well, relatively easy to implement/use.


I also found very useful Twiki and Jive in combination with Jira (e.g. to encourage broader discussions, share high level design). They are collaboration tools, not Agile or Project Management (although Jive does allow to create and manage calendars and tasks).

I also created custom reports via Jira integration with Twiki (e.g. display in a twiki a filtered/grouped list of tasks). Because not everyone had licenses for MS Projects and Jira out of the box reports and views are challenging if your teams use different Jira projects or queues, or if they dont use the same fields:

Jira is favorite project management tracking tool. Apart from it, there are many other project management tools available in the market. Have found some of them at

Jira is favorite project management tracking tool.

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