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How detailed should your RACI table be?
The RACI table (R: Responsible A: Accountable C: Consult I: Inform) helps in outlining the roles your stakeholders play within a project.

1. How details should the activities on the left column be?
2. Should all the project activities be listed there or majorly the high-level summary activities or strategic needs of the project?
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Back to RACI, I have made multi level RACI.

First level is for the overall project, high level, on large project could be speciality, various teams and Deliverables.

Then more level for a specific team or a complex task that involve many stakeholder and tasks.

I use roles, not individual names.
Hi Michael,

Don't foresake long detailed high level activities as thinking it's too detailed. This is the especially useful in clarifying roles and responsibilities..The bigger the project the more levels i found are necessary to keep track of things and minimize misunderstandings.
Both the WBS and the RACI are some of the most difficult documents to prepare, too high a level and it accomplishes nothing. Too detailed and no one uses it. As with all aspects of project management balance is the key.
The correct balance depends on the team, and the project. If the team has experience working together and the project is a repetition of another project then a very high level RACI will work. If on the other hand the team is composed of very diverse personnel maybe even from different organizations on a first of its kind project then a more complex and detailed RACI would be in order.
Thanks Maria. I really like how you connected the assignment of the RACI table values to key project documents. Totally logical.
RACI contains roles and summary activities or workpackage because it matches the WBS. So, it must be as detailed as your WBS. WBS do not contains activities.
@Vincent....well said! In my experience RACI is like many other of the formal tools (e.g.: EVM) in our toolset....great looking in theory but not holding up that well as we move thru the projects. I would spend as little time as possible on the RACI.
Agree wholeheartedly with the KISS philosophy. If it documents what you need to successfully manage your projects. There are many uses for it.
Thanks for your inputs. In the midst of making one.
Dear Michael
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I have an opinion similar to Sérgio's
"It must be as detailed as your WBS. WBS do not contains activities."
Agreed, RACI should not be in too much detail (at task level). I tried doing that for one of my project but it created too much confusion. Keep it at a work package level. Go more detailed (task level) in your project plan.
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