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What Impact does Business Analysis have in Project Management?
I am currently conducting a research on the values of Business Analysis in Project management and would welcome comments, and possibly experiences in such.
What is the success rate of projects that had Business Analysts compared to the ones without BA.
At what point in the project should a BA be introduced?
What exactly does the BA do on projects?
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Its about knowing the roles that Business Analysts play within a project team. There insight and experience is a valuable contribution to developing the Project Charter, Objectives and mission statements as well as the role they play in the requirements gathering stage. If resources and budgets are tight within a team and you are required to make cuts in order to deliver the project, Business Analysts would be lower down on the lists of persons to cut from the team. Their inclusion increases the likely success rate once you find Business Analysts that have the necessary experience, skills and insight into how they see the project developing without needing a full view of the makeup of the team. Business Analysts should be included from the start of the project as they produce the necessary documentation from which all of the other project documentation such as resource management, scheduling and risk management comes from.
As Sergio, mentions business analysis is broader than any project. There definitely is a component of your project that requires some business analysis. This business analysis will have to be done, with or without business analysts. Obviously, it is a lot easier when you have trained professionals doing it, rather than someone else.

On a project, business analysis helps with requirements, data/information, processes and quality assurance/control.
It's interesting to see that this thread is still receiving attention and responses, even after about 2 years. Now more importantly, the Business Analysis function is receiving some needed attention.
Brilliant contributions from everyone here. Thank you everyone.
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