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Can working on legal cases count toward the PMP certification application "hours requirement"?
I tried to submit my application to take the PMP certification exam but it was rejected because PMI would not recognize the legal cases I have worked on as an attorney toward the hours requirement. Do any of you know anybody who was successful in having legal case hours counted towards the requirement? If so, could I be connected to that person? Thank you!
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Hours need to be spent on project management, not on project execution.
If I make an analogy with other fields programming, constructing themselves are not managing, so if you time was on the legal content it might not qualify.

That is my understanding of the required hours!

As far as I understand, the hours (as Vincent G said) are based on the experience in project management.

Were you responsible for managing the work produced by others? Did you plan and track the work that needed to be performed? If so, those hours could probably be claimed as project management hours.

Well, legal cases are projects that require Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. They also do require budget calculations, time frames and risk assessment so if you are asking if legal cases qualify, then in my humble opinion, yes they do.

However, your application might have been rejected because you did not breakdown your experience in handling legal cases by phase and elaborated what you've done each phase and how it related to project management.

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