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(Searching for Interviewees) Masters Research- Importance of Trust on the Success of Projects


My name is Eren Gurcan-Kempfer and I am currently conducting some qualitative research for my MSc Project Management Thesis at Westminster University. The thesis is on the importance of trust when it comes to project success. I am looking for some individuals that would be available for a short interview. This will have a tremendous importance to my research paper.

I would like to get deeper into the minds of a practical and experienced project manager to give me some insight into this very interesting study. My research has demonstrated that trust seems to have a clear definition. It seems as if the word trust has split into two: a) the willingness to demonstrate vulnerability and b) the ability to expect/predict a positive intention or behaviour to another. I would like to tackle both definitions and how these parts of trust can either help with the success of the project, or the failure of one.

The interview will take place for half an hour and it will be transcribed and added in the appendix of the paper, however if you hope to stay anonymous, the audio files would be deleted after the transcription has been completed (by myself) and any information given with an indication of your identity will be made more generic.
I am currently based in Germany, so unless you are based in Germany, I believe the best form of communication is via Skype. I am looking for Project Managers with at least 5 years of experience, however this research is not regional, so any country would be appreciated as long as it is spoken in English.

I would highly appreciate your participation and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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