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changes in Project Charter
Can a Project charter be changed after sign-off?? what is the process for change
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Well, if you want to change the project charter then this means that there is a very major change in the deliverable or the project objectives so this should be approved by the higher management and the client of course after assessing all impacts of this change.
Yes, it can be changed after the sign-off..
I agree with Rami. All changes must be approved by higher management, the project team and the stakeholders.

Process for change in the project charter:
1. Inform your project team and higher management about the proposed changes, deliberate and seek approval
2. Once approved by your project team and higher management, revise the project charter
3. Discuss the revised project charter with your stakeholder and both parties must agree and sign it
Basically I agree with Rami and Jessica, but it doesn't make sense if the project charter can be revised after it has been approved by the sponsor or the senior management. IMHO, any changes to the project might be inclusive in other documents or plans like project management plan etc. Project charter should remain unchanged unless the project purposes or goals should be revised without the termination of project. Termination should seriously be considered if the original project purposes and goals are not met.
Yes, you can change/modify project charter...
Also the following are the common steps....
A. Necessary approval from senior management
B. Notification to all team members/shareholders
C. Take revised buy-in if required from the shareholders
I agree with Sugjoon. The Project Charter being a high-level document, required change would be rather significant. What types of change are we speaking of? Roles/Responsibilities? Goals/Objectives?
Sanjeet, the process of changing or modifying should be described in the project charter itself.
I agree on steps by Muralikesavan.
Looking back at PMBOK 5ed p71 - project charter, it is mainly high-level ....something.

If you need to change the Project Charter it mean a major change to the High-level description.
If changing authority level, PM...
Both require a change/adjustment and an approval of all parties to the original approval.

Then change need to be communicated, and possible change to many documents affected by the change to the project charter. First in the list is the Project Management Plan.
You should follow your project governance; certainly many here have advised but it will come down to what your internal framework for your project process, procedures and approvals you have outlined for your organization for our projects and contracts. You may also have to consider impacts for this change if you have a formal contract with a vendor or systems integrator and other external control agencies.
The Project Sponsor owns the Charter and any changes to it require formal authorization of the Sponsor.

If you are well into project planning or execution, the changes can have a much higher impact.

Regardless of where you are in the process you will need the endorsement and approval of the Sponsor to undertake an impact assessment on Scope, time, cost, quality , risk prior to changing the project charter.
Agree with my peers. Can it be changed? Yes. Is it a good practice, generally speaking? Probably not
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