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Agile / Scrum methodology - concurrent projects?

I am interested to know if anyone running scrum methodology agile projects have been asked to juggle multiple concurrent projects with same resources? Ideally the team is solely dedicated to one project during a 2 weeks scrum. As we don't all live in an ideal world, we are often asked to juggle multiple concurrent projects. Wondering how others deal with the challenge in an agile/scrum context. Thanks.

After working with Agile methods from more than 20 years ago I have to say is dificult to me remembering one opportunity where I could apply the method "by the book". Returning to your point I am using SCRUM to create software and non-software products running more than one project concurrent with the same team. If you ask me, try to avoid that. But putting the risk on the table before everything start is a good way to publush what could happend to work in this way.

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