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In Scale from 0 to 10 to which extent the PM best practice applied to Project Management in IT industry o mean none 10 its fully applied ?
For whom working as project manger in IT sector how you utilize the Project management best practice in your work and who you find this is beneficial to your work?
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Sorry but this is fact, project management practices are not applied to much extent. Management pressure, stakeholder non-cooperation, unskilled resources, are few roadblocks.

5.5 on scale of 10

As a project manager working in IT sector, I can definitely say that we can implement up to 60% of project management methodologies, tools and techniques.
Client pressure, result-oriented view of management rather than keeping a process-oriented view, improper organization structure and skill-sets of available resources are few problems to follow project management principles.

No need to apologize A.G.. What are we gauging these numbers from? Personal experiences?

PM best practice are the guardrails used to drive a structured pathway for success. There's room to navigate through and mold to specific scenarios, projects, etc. Certainly don't want a process or best practice to get in the way.

We are fairly new to full project management. We still struggle. We are still finding moments when our programmers need work (because we didn't plan well) and the resource manager will have them off doing some of the next project before the requirements, risks, estimates, etc are fully planned. As we are finishing up on some of the big projects that started without project management being in place fully, we can see why we shouldn't have done them the way we did. We have had some really successful projects using pm methodologies and following the cycles.

You have to give project management a chance. But it does work and is worth planning ahead so you don't struggle in the end.

Stage-gating is one of the Pain points in my experience. And I am talking about IT Projects using a traditional Waterfall model for execution.

As an example, the formal transition from Planning to Design to Development does not often occur and you can see execution happening before the Solution Design is signed off .

It's not as clear cut as a construction or Engineering project for example, where the design has to be absolutely signed off before deployment can begin

Also, Lessons learnt are not often shared between projects by the PMO.

There are different project managers who are running off using their own Project Management Practices for Technology projects.

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