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MS Project or Asana? Other? What is your preferred project software and why?
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We use an iteration of MSProject for our large national healthcare organization. Our projects are tied with finances, resource schedules and availability and more. When team members submit their time cards, their time and cost are drawn down within the project. It is an excellent software tool for what we are doing and helps me know at any given moment exactly where the project plan, budget, schedule, resources, risks, issues and changes are at that moment. I don't have experience with Asana, so cannot comment on its functionality.

n Ecuador we normally use MS Project, where we control the schedule, cost, resource. I do not know about integral software and neither does Asana.

My preferred tool is Eylean Board. Due to it's ease of use, visualization of tasks and Agile application, it has become the only option.

MS Project in combination with SharePoint. JIRA for development in an agile enviroment.

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