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Evolution of Project Management

Good morning and greetings from South Africa.

I am at a peculiar place with my Project Management career. I have been doing full time Project Management for just over 5 years now while my entire working career is coming close to 11 years. And more than ever (in my opinion) there is a need for excellent project managers who can execute well the delivery of a project. Yet I feel that more then ever the role of a project manager is being challenged and questioned in it its relevance.

One of the things I feel that has contributed to this problem in the emergence of "task management tools" which brand themselves / can be interpreted as Project Management tools. An example of this tool would be a Asana ( Asana is a fantastic task management tool and it servers this purpose well - especially in smaller teams that just want basic task management. The problem comes when this tool is put in the hands of person who does not fully appreciate what PM's actually do. This can lead to questions like "so why do we need a PM if we have this tool?" - This was actually thrown at me in an executive meeting.

Another contributor of this is the the emergence and adoption of Agile Project Management. Being in the software development industry, I fully appreciate the need for Agile PM because sometimes so many things are changing at such a rapid pace that traditional PM does not work in an IT Project. Often what I have seen though is that Agile gets translated to "forget about Project Governance" - which is quite important to us PM's.

This and other factors (I think) have created a very warped dynamic in the field of Project Management - especially in the IT and Software Development space about the need and role of a PM.

It is possible that this problem is localized to my country and region (or to the organisations which I have worked in) but I would still appreciate your thoughts on the topic. Thank you.


I suppose anyone could purchase a hammer and screwdriver and call themselves a General Contractor.

The value of formal Project Management has been established. That does not mean some companies will try to save resource dollars by not utilizing professional project managers.

The new popular term of Agile Project Manager is another conversation.

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