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Hi, I have been researching a number of project management tools, which are mobile based apps for iPhone and iPad. To be honest, i did not find a tool which would cover all project management knowledge areas. Is there any recommended tool which can be used by project managers, and at the same time make available for projects teams online? Is there any open source tools which would cover such functionality?
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I'm curious what are the one you experimented with?

I love PlanGrid for construction it is a great product to use on site.

I have tried few, most recently Asana, Freedcamp and Zoho..

Hi, use Gantt Chart.

Mohamad, Thanks for raising this up.

I never came across a mobile or ipad app that has all KA's covered in a sense that it can be used by PM's on the go so Id be interested to know if anyone has a suggestion.

We use a tool at the University of New Hampshire called TeamDynamix. it is a PPM and ITIL tool, with an asset inventory module to help support ITIL and Strategic Portfolio Management. I only mention it because they have done a good job of implementing responsive design so that it works well on a phone. I am pretty much keyboard centric, so I do not use mobile access.

@Rami, that's the reason I wanted to check with the wider community on this topic, the available apps are mostly for schedule and task management. With many team collaboration features. The idea is to have an app which would help in managing the different tools which are used by PMs to monitor scope, time, cost, risk, stakeholders, etc.

@George, interesting software, however its focused on education sector. I'm in the consulting business and my typical work would be on large enterprise transformational programs.

I found some open source and free project management tools at

Thanks Sanjay, i have seen this list before. However, as i mentioned, they cover limited functionality needed in day-to-day PM work. For example, non of the apps has risk management features in its simplest form (i.e. risk register).

I have personally used Asana and Freedcamp.

Here is a good list to peruse. I personally Asana but it is not open source.

There are some open source or self-hosted products on there also like

Here is a list of the Top 100 tools with a subset of PM tools. Check it out.
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