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What are the 3 key challenges for the PM's today and how can these be tackled effectively?

What are the Key Challenges that every PM is facing and how to tackle them ?
How have problems evolved over time ?
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Mudassar as per my point of view key challenges various from industry to industry, in construction industry it may be execution of project without proper planning, site investigations, feasibility studies, delays in approval, unskilled manpowers and so on

Mudassar -

- Increasing project complexity
- Continued skilled resource scarcity
- Selecting the right approach and tailoring practices to fit the needs of a given project, team & organization context


I totally agree with Kiron. In our construction industry, the major challenge these days is skilled resource scarcity.

I believe in Ontario, the same problem exists just like BC.

1. Fitting the level of management to the project (tailoring)
2. Managing talent (resource management)
3. Increasing pace of change (change & risk management)

Run faster than the project stakeholders when things go wrong.....

The one challenge I see happening right now is how to integrate Agile into a PMO that has always been Waterfall and where it is being integrated, how much and how fast.

Another issue are companies who don't understand the difference in the roles of the business analyst vs. the project manager.

Looking forward to 2018 and new challenges!

One challenge I see in most industries is continuing ressources improvement. It is mostly handle at the corporate level a big challenge for PMs.

I agree with Kiron.
The fast pace at which technology is changing is making it harder to understand technology and execute projects. Big Data, AI, Bitcoin, AR, VR are few hot ones.
There is a resource scarcity of good PM's

These are some of the challenges I come across usually:

- Inadequate skills for the project
- Improper risk management
- Lack of stakeholder engagement.

- Managing stakeholders expectations.
- Lack of risk management
- Poor communication
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