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Spreadsheet template for an outsourced automation engineer group.

I am wondering if anyone has a tracking spreadsheet template that could be used by small automation engineer group in a outsourced model . This would track issues, log time response time, resolution, and generate some basic chartsetc.
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This doesn't sound like a simple sheet, it would require more complex tools. You can try open source tools.

I recommend you to consider the MS SharePoint Lists functionality, as this provides an integrated collaboration basis. I used it in my projects and it works perfect also with outsourced parties as you can exchange data easily via MS Excel:

I agree with Mohamed: this is not a simple tool. I have done something similar in Excel for small projects but it doesn't have all the functionality you are looking for.

My suggestion would be to do it yourselves. Get somebody with a bit of Excel knowledge and some time and let them at it!

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