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Dispute Resolution-
What is the most acceptable and prevalent dispute resolution method /practice followed in different countries and what are the advantages one method/practice has over the other?Please share your views/experience...
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It is about to organizational culture. In my country I can mentioned different organizations (local and multinational) with totally different methods. It is the variable "Style" if you use the Tom Peter`s Seven S Model as a tool to make enteprise analysis which is a criticval activity before each initiative will be started.
Sergio,will you please elaborate on the different methods adopted by different Organizations in your country to resolve disputes and how does the method differ from each other? What is Tom Peter`s Seven S Model used as a tool to make enterprise analysis and how it is used to resolve disputes?Please elaborate with example as a case study for better understanding of all .
Is not about my country only. I am working on a multinational company today. As I mentioned is a matter of Style which is tied to organizational culture. About Seven S, you can find it inside the internet or on the Tom Peter`s book "In search of Excellence".

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