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How to handle offshore Projects effectively?
I am handling off shore project with T&M Contract Type.Which involves lot of written and verbal communication.
Also,we generate lot of documents to avoid conflicts.

Please help me by suggesting ways to handle my project more efficiently.
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1. Should have a sufficient overlap if teams are in different time zones
2. Should have onsite and offshore coordinators
3. Should have daily meeting , Have scrum of scrum if it is agile
4. If mail threads goes more than 2 loops call the person/meeting get that resolved , don't drag it in email

With distributed team we can't avoid over communication but can be minimized , At times it is better to do over communication then having poor communication, if it is eating time should take appropriate action based on the context/team maturity
You never will avoid conflicts. The only thing you can do is to mitigate that. Is the same than when you work into a multi national company highly distributed around the world. Key here is to understand different cultures involved and to deal with time zones. For example, you are in India. I am in Latin America. I am in charge to manage critical programs where one principal and key business partner is an Indian company. While we tried to speak in english as best as we can the culture differences between Indian people, Latin America people and Europe people (in the middle we have USA people involved) are a mix that transform those critical programs in something funny to manage.

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