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Study group for PMP aspirants planning to become PMP

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for aspiring PMP's in the upcoming months so it would be the best way to practice PMP topics and share the learnings and ideas to move forward along with the help of other expert PMP holders. Please comment on this thread if anyone would like to join me for PMP preparation. thanks much in advance.
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I am interested in joining the study group

I'm interested in joining the study group

my exam is in August this year . Interested !!

i m interested

Hi Pavan,

this is a great initiative. I am already PMP but i am highly interested in how you want to organize the group (virtual, Live, which tools and so on ...).

Please keep us posted!

In addition i would like to recommend you and your fellow aspirants to join the probably biggest and most active PMP related prep group in the world (if not already):

I want tob e a PMP Linkedin group:

this is a LinkedIn group; if you do like Facebook more i have ggod news cause we have gone Facebook too actualy ;) :

Hope to see you there.



Hey there,

i have just updated (and enhanced) my article:

Your timeline to become a PMP in 2017 - before exam change in Q1/2018! (updated for start in May!)

Might be this is somewhat interesting for you.



I would like to join the group as well, thanks!

I would also like to join the group.

You can post this message on Linkedin. I think you will get a better response there. You can also join our LinkedIn group. Many other things you - will get access to free PMP Formulas Guide. - will see interesting discussions on PMP. - can ask PMP related questions. I personally respond to all the questions. - will get knowledge on new PMP topic everyday. - will be able to participate in 'A Question A Day' discussion.


I have created study group on linkedin. To help out pmp aspirants in exam preparation .
The name group is "PMP Version6 Exam Preparation". In case you have specific questions regarding any topic we can provide guidance on that. Others will learn from your questions.
SME's who have already cleared PMP are welcome to join and share their insights for the benefit of the project management community.

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