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Would anyone like to elaborate on some examples of ineffective feedback pertaining to causes of failure in communicating for projects? Does anyone have any quality points they can issue for constructive feedback in a one to one with a command chain in project management?
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One rule of thumb, in order to have effective communication, you need to ensure that the receiver decoded the message properly and interpreted the information in the right way as communication doesn't end by only sending a message.
Feedbacks should be collected in a certain format whether they are from potential customers or project stakeholders participating in the project.

Electronic forms should be made simply and attached to the original message to enable you to acknowledge of receivers' interpretation. .

I prefer to including two or three questions relating to the message in attached feedback forms.

I always make the last question in any feedback forms "Are you happy with this message?" "Yes", or "No"

An Interesting is that the answers to the last question is yes 66.66%, no 33.33% regardless of content of message.

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