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Role of ERP and Project Management?

What is the relationship between ERP and Project Management,
What tools/parameters for a project need to be in an ERP system
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Personally I think there should be a strong relationship between your ERP and Project Management Systems. For starters get your resource information from your ERP. Maintenance schedules for assets which are required to perform project tasks and the scheduling around that. If you have contractors working on tasks, those tasks will most likely turn into invoices, so getting that information from the projects team to verify the invoice becomes quite important and handy if it can be integrated. That is just a small part of it.

I would say that if your business is project, you need strong relationship, most offer a Project module.
In other case I still believe it a good idea to have a project module, smaller maybe, all organisation do some level of project.

Last week i Spoke with Lakshmi (who is SAP Implementation Project Manager ) on this subject , here you can find recording of the session.

ERP and project management systems are a two different path for one object on page , It is most important for managing any business or project

Some ERP softwares have a project management tool included into it. I have to deal with that. Usually are regarding the ERP itself. But both are two different worlds.

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