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Just passed PMI exam - recommended further reading for a learning PM?

I've been managing projects in a relatively 'agile' method for some time, and recently in a more structured approach thanks to my company's prescription to the PMP framework.

Having just passed the exam with the help of the PMBOK and Kim Heldman's excellent guide, I would like to continue the momentum of learning with some literature recommendations.

I had a look through the book club posts, but whilst they're all very interesting, I would like input on 'next steps' from people who've been in a similar position to myself.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm not certain if you're looking purely for information related to the technical aspects of the project management process, or if you are looking more toward overall development in the role.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I found that focusing on the interpersonal and team development aspects of a project management role provided the most benefit to me.

At the moment I am reading "Performing Under Pressure" by Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry

The following two books also came highly recommended, and are on my list of books to read next:

The Heretic's Guide to Best Practices - By Kailash Awati & Paul Culmsee
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers - By Anthony Mersino

I hope that helps.

Brill, thanks Julian - I'll check them out.

I was in a similar position to yourself not long ago and took the new year as an opportunity to ask, my thread is here:
Dear James Ward,

It is good that you want to continue your study, the best course material I refer is Edwel, you can study this & enjoy.


Some other options
This community - webinars, discussions, articles, courses, ....
Podcasts - ProjectManagementPodcast (, Scope of Success (, ...

And congratulations.

And OTJ learning is key to being a successful PM as well. So much of successful project management is being able to work with others and sometimes that takes skills that cannot be learned in a book.

First congratulations for your PMP.

Check all the available documentation on and here.

Your from UK so I would have a look at PRINCE2

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