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Seven Basic Quality Tools

Of all the Seven basic quality tools which is are most common ones and are used across industries?
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Perhaps list the 7 tools you're referring to that will ensure everyone is on the same page regarding what you're talking about.

The ones on the PMP Exam
Cause-and-effect diagram (also known as the "fishbone" or Ishikawa diagram)
Check sheet.
Control chart.
Pareto chart.
Scatter diagram.
Stratification (alternately, flow chart or run chart)

The basic Quality Management Tool as PDCA as Plan, Do, Check and Act is used by everyone to align the process and its inputs as part of his job role without changing the adopted processes. The trick is to become familiar and comfortable with these quality tools so that the appropriate one can be used, when there is a problem solving need.

Many organizations use quality tools to help monitor and manage their quality initiatives.
The mentioned seven management tools for quality control are most common. Different tools are used for different problem solving opportunities and many of the tools can be used in different ways.

Thanks Deepesh for listing the Seven basic quality tools. I'll come back to my question again, of all the Seven basic quality tools as listed, which are the most common ones to be used industry-wide or Does it depend on the situation which one to use?

It would be Checksheets. Out of the seven tools, that's the most common and I am sure every organization uses it.
Issues found in the checklist can be analyzed further using the other basic tools. As PMBOK mentioned, data about the frequencies or consequences of defects collected in the checksheets are often displayed using Pareto diagrams. PMBOK p.237

Thanks to all on sharing the inputs.

i guess you can have a poll on this as well, and than you can have a fair bit of idea,

I agree with Edgardo that checklist are the most commonly used tool across industry.
On the other 2 places in podium I would put Histogram and Stratification (flow chart/run chart)

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