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What are the alternative software options for MS-Project.
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Someone in the community recently referred to the link below in a similar thread:

There has been several discussions on this topic. IN the end depends are one's needs, client, or cloud.
One that I've used and is a free, open source, cross-platform client option that can open .mpp files

Project Libre -

Oracle's primavera would dothe work, especially when accurate multiuser project editing is a requirement

Hi Aejaz,

There was a recent thread that resulted in the suggestion of of multiple MS Project alternatives here:

I've found Excel, or any other spreadsheet, will do a decent GANTT chart quite easily, with some basic formatting skills. With a little more effort, you can track resources, effort and progress. I used to use Project years ago, but found that the resourcing module could really mess up the entire project file.

Thanks to all for sharing the links of alternative to MS-Project.

Primavera is the king of softwares :D

There are plenty but not as good as MS project in user experience

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