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how automation in Information technology will impact project managers and there existence in project?
say we assume scenario in 2050 how will industry r sponse to automations
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Which industry, and what is being automated?

Something similar has been around for a while at manufacturing companies. Instead of scheduling a team of people to perform work, you work with people to schedule time on machines. I suppose if the entire production line was completely automated, one person could schedule the whole thing. I'm pretty sure computers are built this way, anymore.

Once the computer is built, three scenarios come to mind. 1) Software development, 2) Software Implementation, and 3) IT Infrastructure. There are aspects of all three that can currently be automated, but you still have to deal with people, schedules, and interdependencies between projects. Even if you automated everything that could be, you would need, at a minimum, someone to create and coordinate schedules.

Without further details on what you are looking for, I can't think of scenarios where the level of automation necessary to eliminate the role of project manager can exist.

Day after day we have more automated tools that help project manager, project management team, project team, and other stakeholders along the project, mainly to better communication.

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