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Actual sample for new PMO Department.
How I get start to apply process from PMBOK, if my organization just have PMO Department?
Where can I find document, template or actual sample for Project Management ?
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It is not about process of the PMBOK, is about to have it because strategical reason. The implementation of a PMO must be part of solving a business problem which happends when strategical needs happend. If not, it will fail of will be a pain. After strategy definition you will define some functions (and from functions some process) the organization must to create to answer the environment request. Some of them could be project management process. After that you have to decide if a new business unit deserves to be created (a PMO in this case) or you will distribute those process between actual business units.
With the needs in hand, you can find many templates here in this community.

The determination of expected deliverables for projects will help guide your search.

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