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How to start Agile fundamental with ERP Implementation?

How to start Agile fundamental with ERP Implementation?
I have been experience waterfall only. What is the best practice and benefit of Agile with ERP?
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I was part of this type of intiiatives into a hugh company. First of all, understand what Agile really is: is not IT or software related, is not a process or method. Second, understand the impact to use Agile. All your organization, at all levels, must be ready for that. Thrid, some ERP sellers have Agile Implementation Methods defined as project life cycle, for example SAP (you can search into SAP web site).

You could probably use Agile ASAP, but I wouldn't attempt using a flavor of agile for an ERP implementation with an inexperienced team. Unless it a simple, out of the box implementation, you might not be able to use a flavor of agile, and if you are upgrading an existing ERP system you will most likely find that you can demonstrate features, iteratively, in a non-production environment, but you have to deliver the finished product all at once.

Thank you very much for your advise.

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